About The EOV Specialists

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The EOV Specialists

Estimates of Value and advisory services

Our estimate of value is based on real industry and market data from current sources and your company’s current cash flow and future earning potential.

The primary reason that business transitions are not successful is due to unrealistic expectations. The estimate of value is intended to remedy that. By providing business owners and their advisors with accurate information on the value of their business, they can approach a transition more educated and confident the numbers are on their side.

Our Team

We are The EOV Specialists and we don’t take that lightly. Our team has over two decades of M&A experience and has been completing Estimates of Value for our clients for over nine years.

Our Procedures

We have developed our EOV to be both cost-effective and timely. Within 2-3 weeks, you'll have the information you need to make a well informed decision.

Our Estimates of Value


» The company’s history and growth potential
» Historic cash flow and future earning potential
» Current economy
» Lending environment and interest rates
» Market data from other privately held companies that have sold in the industry
» Trends in the industry and the M&A marketplace
» Value drivers in the industry (e.g. management team, customer concentration, EBITDA)
» Synergistic acquisition opportunities

We take the time


Our EOV is not certified, and this has allowed us the flexibility to enhance and improve the estimate of value report throughout our years in the mergers and acquisitions industry.

We have worked with hundreds of business owners across the United States in a variety of industries to better understand the true value of their business.

Our Process


Client Engagement

Submit payment and business financial information, begin communications with EOV Specialists

Financial Analysis

The EOV Specialists begin the financial analysis, coordinate initial Q&A with client.


The EOV Specialists complete benchmarking analysis, market and industry research.

Quality Review

The EOV Specialists conduct a thorough quality review with our team and Managing Partner.

EOV Presentation

The EOV Specialists coordinates a conference call with client to present results and answer any questions.

Client Testimonials


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